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It is not an easy task to arranging an event, but taking into account some essential issues you can carry it out safely, reducing unforeseen and making your investment to the maximum. When you decide that the best way to connect with your community, is to organize an event. An event will allow you, among other things, to have direct contact with your audiences, emotions and to know them, as well as to generate a communication material for the brand, with more human and close components. Portable Stage Platform Let’s review some details that, if not taken into account, can make it fail:


While organizing an event, it is essential to establish the needs of the different participating areas of the organization. And to be clear the following guidelines:

  • What is required to achieve in the event?
  • What are the objectives of organizing it: to promote, to entertain, to surprise, to train?

In general, the most common objectives are: brand image, loyalty of main customers, attraction of new potential customers, motivation of employees, networking with suppliers and allies.

Knowing the central objective, the message and the experience that you want the public and the values of your brand to take, it will be easier for you to make the best planning. Since during taking the decisions you need to know it clearly what to priorities, in Budget, times, activities, etc.

Stage Design:

The planning or design of an event is not only about the visual, the brand material and choosing a theme, but also includes other things of equal importance such as logistics, assembly time, arrival times, activities, Etc., The event organization design or style will depend on the success of the event. You will notice that the work comprises with some fundamental aspects that include the choice, planning, assignment, execution and control of the tasks prior to the event. It is best to design the agenda of the day, with their corresponding tasks, alternatives and responsible. Also sketch (draft) how the event will be. Having solutions for last-minute contingencies will be crucial. Always have a Plan B. Some important aspects that follow are directly related to the planning and design of the event and are part of these.


If you do not have an annual or semi-annual plan of events, one of the first things to consider is the date. Although it may seem easy, there are many items to keep in mind when selecting a date: holidays, special dates, events that can be organized by the competition or by your own guests, etc. Also, an event organized with time will allow us to find without much trouble a place with good price/quality.


This item is very important when organizing an event. It is necessary to take into account several details that can be taken as minor, but in fact they are not. For example: the dimensions of the hall, the elements of signalling/branding to place in it, access, parking, what to do in case of rain. There are thousands of variables that are predicted, but if we do not consider them, they can give us several headaches.

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It is very important to correctly coordinate two basic elements that are well valued: the invitation and accreditation. Other aspects related to the participants refer to taking into account if everyone participates in the activities, if there is too much dispersion in the age, and always keep in mind the minorities and how they impact the place (accessibility, climate, sound), activities And the menu.


There are different menu options that will depend on the schedule in which your activity is carried out. If you do it with lunch or cocktail, an important detail is to take into account the food that will be offered and to provide vegetarian menus. If, instead, you make breakfast or coffee service, logically is much simpler. Another central aspect is the moment in which to serve food and/or snacks, since it is strictly related to the attention that we want them to lend us when carrying out an activity or giving information of the company. It is clear that in these pivotal moments they should not be hungry or distracted by food, much less make an announcement after they have already eaten and developed their activities, and therefore many are retiring. Find more detail in google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LiuTf98u3tFIzOe68vSGxpORvTpA6H7JTC18nKI45kc/

Event coordinator and execution:

The coordinator is the leader and referent of all the teams involved. It is necessary to have a good work team, especially suitable, whereas in a puzzle, the pieces complement each other, but also that it is clear who the leader is, with whom he interacts with the company, and how decisions are made Last minute and are communicated to the work teams. The tasks are related to each other, and to changes in the schedule, either voluntarily or in response to an unforeseen event, the coordinator must evaluate how it impacts on the rest of the activities and tasks; then decide. In the same way, there must be defined partners on the part of the company and the suppliers of the event.


It is essential to make a team summary with the administrative area where all the expected items, a brief description and the assigned values are recorded. It is also advisable to separate an extra 15/20% for unforeseen expenses. Although it seems incredible, these expenses always appear.

Having these points present will cause the drawbacks to be reduced considerably and therefore increase the chances that your investment in the event will be reflected in the success of your company.

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