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In my last post I stressed that to try and go it alone with online marketing is courting disaster. Or, at best, prolonging the agony. So, I’m no longer an internet wanderer.

I’m beginning a 6 month Internet Marketing coaching course with Alex Jeffrey’s Coaching Academy.

Why, you may ask, did I choose Alex Jeffreys when the internet is swarming with an overwhelming number of so-called coaches and marketing gurus?

Oh, that reminds me. On reflection, I must be the only Internet Marketing newbie who’s ever signed up with Twitter. Everyone else is an expert

Okay, as I’ve written previously, I read some great reviews and testimonials regarding Alex Jeffreys. And after only 2 weeks into the course, I already know that I made the correct choice.

The coaching course consists of training videos and webinars, with live Q&A sessions with Alex once a week. The sessions involve a small intimate group of people who discuss progress and what tasks are required to move forward.

The course is divided into 6 parts :

Sales Page
Auto Website

The underlying theme is that you develop your own product, be it software, ebook, membership site or whatever. His training on how to choose a niche is an eye-opener.

Don’t ever think you can’t do this, because Alex makes it possible. His easy style of coaching immediately puts you at ease.

Planning is paramount. Work inside the box. Map out a month’s tasks, then break them down into weekly tasks, then daily tasks. Plan tomorrow’s work the day before. This stops you becoming distracted with other stuff like emails or facebook.

It keeps you inside the box, it keeps you focused.

After each webinar I have come away with new enthusiasm. If you’re beginning to slacken off and lose some interest, Alex makes you feel invigorated again.

He instils new ideas, he makes your brain think in the right direction.

Every Q&A session is productive. It’s Internet Marketing training on steroids.