Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing for Small Business and Big Audiences

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Mobile Marketing –Mobile Marketing for Small Business and Big Audiences

Small businesses have a hard time spending money on marketing programs, but what’s ironic is that they need these marketing programs in order for their businesses to survive. Before the Internet became a popular communications tool, business owners were reliant on traditional forms of marketing like printing on classifieds and directories, distribution of leaflets and brochures, and the inclusion of different media like TV and radio commercials. All of these offered different benefits for the business owners, but it never GUARANTEED that the marketing tactic would be a success in itself nor would it guarantee that it would help the business succeed.
Mobile marketing is a relatively new marketing strategy that focuses on marketing via mobile phones or smart phones. Most business owners would be skeptic about using this kind of program because it would be hard to narrow down which of the millions of people who have mobile phones are their customers. Mobile marketing does not work this way. Instead of going after specific groups of people, mobile marketing provides businesses with a way to reach out to customers simultaneously. This theory is backed by several concepts:
– There are more than 70 million people who own smart phones and who rely on mobile applications to view local and global content as of December 2012.
– There are 69 million people who use mobile browsers as of December 2012.
What do these numbers mean for small business owners?
It’s quite difficult to say that your customers are not part of that 70 million user populace. Even if your customers belong to 5% of that, it would be more than enough to boost your business’ brand and increase your profits to a whole new level.
For example, a restaurant owner can sign his or her business up for mobile marketing campaign that would invite ten thousand mobile phone users to visit his or her restaurant with the incentive of getting a discount for a set period of time. If the promo runs for 10 days and your restaurant generate more than 100 customers within those 10 days, the mobile marketing campaign would have paid for itself and given your business a growth in its income.
What makes mobile marketing so cost-effective is that it’s cheaper than traditional print media advertising yet has a wider reach in terms of generating leads or customers. The campaign can also be run multiple times, provided the business has more gimmicks to attract customers.
Mobile marketing is relatively easy and tedious at the same time, but it is extremely rewarding for small businesses who want to go after the big fishes.