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There doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of information on the internet that explains the ins and outs of Internet Marketing from a newbie’s perspective. It’s as if the newbie should have an inborn knowledge of what it’s all about.

Many of the reports and ebooks are geared towards the experienced marketer. They explain what you should be doing and what products and software to buy, but they neglect to teach you the basics of how to initially set up an Internet Marketing business.

Newbies rely on the gurus to spill the beans, but the ugly fact is that many gurus won’t show you a single website of theirs because they don’t want you to copy their success and share their revenue.


So, as a newbie, I decided to ask a couple of questions in the forums. These are just a few of the answers –

1) What is the most important information a newbie needs when entering the Internet Marketing industry?

“I think the main thing newbies want is a clear blueprint | steps to follow | ‘recipe’ to achieve their goals (which I think are usually dollar amounts, rather than long term business goals).”

“I think one of the main things newbies want to know is who they can trust.”

“As someone new, the thing I wanted most was good training that could help me. I wanted someone who was going to show me practical advice from start to finish.”

“Newbies need to be taught from the outset that there is no quick and easy method and you won’t earn a fortune overnight.”

2) What is the biggest turnoff for beginners when entering the industry?

“The plethora of (sometimes false) information you have to sift through to find useful and valuable information that you can apply.”

“There are so many opportunities online it can often be difficult to narrow down and focus on one. Especially when a perceived guru recommends something new, often with an affiliate link attached.”

“All of the tools the gurus push are designed for people who are already established in the industry.”

“The biggest turnoff newbies face is making money slowly. Too many products promise 5-6 figures a month just by following a few simple steps.”

It’s plain from the answers that Internet Marketing newbies simply want to be taught the basics first, and be shown the actual steps to achieve success, rather than being bombarded with “helpful” shiny objects from the gurus.