How To Choose Rejestracja Czasu Pracy And Fingerprint Reader For The Office?

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You can carry a better record and more accurate of whom enters and leaves as office hours with a fingerprint reader and rejestracja czasu pracy program, but you need to know some things first.

Before we talked about the different types of security measures for access to the office and its three levels something you know, something you bring and something you are.

What You Should Know About Office Kontrola Dostępu Systems

Assuming you want the safest thing, something that you are, and you want a simple device that does not insult or make everyone feel like they are in an Orwellian novel, it is best to choose the most common device of all with a proven effectiveness of more than 120 years, the fingerprint reader. Depending on the needs of each company there are some key points to consider.

  • What kind of sensor do you want?
  • For how many employees do you want to register?
  • Are you going to connect it to a network, to a hard drive, to a USB Flash Drive?

Points To Consider For System Rejestracji Czasu Pracy Cena

Sensor Type

The most important part of the machine. It captures the image of the fingerprint before being converted to an identification number. There are two most common types of sensors: Optical and electrical capacity, these are subdivided into assets and liabilities.


The oldest of all basically works as a digital camera. This is easier to implement and more stable at various temperatures. However it is incredibly easy to hack, it only takes up a copy, piece of tape or any print to hack it.

Electrical capacity

There are two types of readers, active and passive. The passive capacity operates through the electrical value recorded in the fingerprint pattern of the finger. The active capacitance system is like the ultrasonic fingerprint reader. Measure the ridges of the dermal layer of the skin. It does not require the skin to be clean or its detection surface. The active footprint reader could capture the image, even if the epidermal skin is damaged.

Latest technology, build the fingerprint by mapping the differences in pressure or capacitance between the skin and the silicon chip. This technology offers some advantages like the smaller budget to be implemented, less space. On the other hand, chips without adequate protection will not last long, and it is not recommended to use it to carry assistance as it will be used hundreds of times.

Storage capacity

You should consider the maximum number of fingerprints that can be stored on the machine. It is advisable to choose a capacity double to the maximum number of employees. Thus, each employee can register a backup finger if the machine has some problem to identify them.

Log Buffer Capability

The maximum figure of transactions that can be temporarily stored on the machine. Inbound and outbound transactions are usually stored for several days before being downloaded to a server. Therefore, the capacity must be several times (usually more than 5 times) the maximum number of employees.

Identification speed

It is the average time required by the machine to identify the pattern of fingerprints. The process includes taking the photo or track record, searching the database for the similar record and accessing or Kontrola dostępu. A good reader should take less than 1 second.

Standard Error

No device is perfect and can misinterpret the pattern of the fingerprint.

There are two types of identification: False Identification Rate and False Rejection Rate.

The false acceptance rate (TAF) is the percentage of times the machine will grant access to the impostors, and the false rejection rate (TRF) is the percentage of occasions that the machine will reject an authorized user. A standard reference should have a TRF less than 0.1% of the time and TAF less than 0.001%.

Rejestracja Czasu Pracy Program

Compile the transaction information into a readable format for the record. The software also helps the owner analyze the productivity of each employee. Although not all the reading machines come with integrated reporting software, it is a very important component of the assistance system.


It is at these times where the technical service must be fast and be able to solve the problem as soon as possible. You do not want to have a whole week without records.

Capture Devices

  • Where do you download the information? Will you connect it to an external hard drive via USB?
  • Wireless connection?
  • By an Ethernet cable?

Consider your network

Some readers are designed for LAN (Local Area Network) connections and do not work with WAN (Wide Area Network) connections.


Make sure that the reader you buy is compatible with the software you buy, some applications will work perfectly with the available log clocks.