How Important Is Battery In Your Mobile Phone?

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How Important Is Battery In Your Mobile Phone?

Mobile phone battery is like an in-build powerhouse of your mobile phone. There are varieties of batteries for varying capacity of mobile phones. A battery is a very important component in a mobile phone as it supplies low electrical power for its functioning. Battery technology for mobile phones has been witnessing continuous improvements, which actually help the production of newer sophisticated mobile phones.

The older type batteries like Ni-Cad require regular and complete discharge before its recharging. But, the newer type batteries like Li-Ion and NiMH does not require any such practice. All these types of batteries have a limit of current load that can be preserved in it and this is usually measured in milliampres (mAH). Depending on various characters, mobile phone batteries are classified into many types in which Ni-Cad batteries are older type and the newer are Lithium-Ion batteries.

The NiMH Batteries

The NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) type of batteries are one that used widely today because of the fact that it does not require complete discharge before starting recharge like in a NiCad battery. For this advantageous reason, they are largely used in mobile phones and even in laptops.

This important aspect makes NiMH batteries supported by large number of consumers, as they do not hamper you by servicing the batteries every time before recharge.

The other main advantage with the battery is that it stores more power than of Ni-Cad and Alkaline batteries. Still it has an obstacle for their users that it discharges by itself within a quicker period of time, which makes it not practical for longer storage.

The Li-Ion Batteries

The Lithium-Ion batteries are new to the market and have the lowest discharge rate compared to Ni-Cad and NiMH batteries. They are nothing to do with complete discharge before recharge and so, today they are widely used in mobile phones. They are excellent to use because of their low-weight, which make devices such as mobile phones and video cameras more portable.

The Li-Polymer Batteries

This is the most new type battery used in the market. They are the most successful today for mobiles phones due to their potential of higher storage and low-weight.

In addition to knowing the battery types, also you need to adopt some practice to maximize the life of whichever mobile phone battery you use. One of them is cleaning the dirty battery contacts, which is the main problem of charging the batteries. So, clean the battery contact of your mobile phones regularly. Batteries that are kept unused for longtime lose their storage capacity. So, once started with a battery, it should be used until it expires. Following all this you can have a long going battery for your mobile phone, importantly can prevent yourself from being spent extra to purchase another battery.