Choosing A Niche

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I’m into my first month of my Internet Marketing course with Alex Jeffreys Coaching Academy. Part 1 of the training is the niche section where you learn how to choose a suitable niche.

You can’t just walk into any niche, it takes a bit of research. Alex has videos to watch on Niche Research and Marketing Intel.

I have chosen the hugely popular Internet Marketing niche, concentrating on helping newbies enter the industry.

The training goes into much more detail, but here’s a brief account of what I’ve learned so far.

How do you select a niche? This can be broken down into 2 parts –

1) One’s you have knowledge in, or

2) One’s you have an interest in.

You don’t need to look for something unique. Popular niches like weight loss, dog training, golf, internet marketing, and body building are fine. These are evergreen niche’s, and contrary to popular belief, they are not ‘saturated’.

Sure, there’s a lot of stuff out there written on these topics, but you can’t read it all.

A good idea is to break down a niche into sub niches. For instance, the baby boomer niche could have a sub niche called ‘baby boomers who like classic cars’ or ‘how to make money for baby boomers’. Smaller sub niches have less competition.

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We’re moving towards creating our own product to sell online. The next step is to research a few things and ask Google some questions. Let’s stick with the boomers’ niche.

1) What problems do boomers encounter in their daily lives?

2) Find out what would improve their lives.

Find out what other people are selling them. Study the seller’s websites and get on their mailing lists to see what they’re sending out to their subscribers.

Use Google to search for free ebooks and PLR reports. Ask questions on social media (Facebook, Twitter) and forums.

A lot of information on your niche has already been written. You can’t reinvent any more of this stuff yourself, so repackage it. Add your own personal experiences to the story to make it unique.

I’ve decided that my own product will be an ebook along the lines of ‘Internet Marketing For Beginners’. More on that in my next post.