An Internet Wanderer

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ey, for those of you who don’t know me, here’s my story. What I’m about to share will resonate with a lot of people out there. It’s about my previous existence on the internet. For about the last three and a half years I called myself an ‘internet wanderer’.  Wandering aimlessly from one Internet Marketing program to another, always thinking that the next one was the biggie, the program that was going to make me a fortune.

My initiation into Internet Marketing began with Cyclers, those programs that had a matrix of from 5 to 25 people, who each paid, say, $10 to join. Every new member pushed the members who joined before them through the matrix. When the matrix was full you got paid an amount depending on how many members were in the matrix, less administrator fees. If you were a good recruiter you could fill your matrix quickly. But inevitably, just as you were on the verge of a big payday, the program would fold through lack of members.

make_money_onlineAfter that I went down the more or less ‘legitimate’ path of Internet Marketing. I joined programs where a company was pushing some new, you beaut health product. You needed to buy a certain amount of product yourself to stay in the program, and recruit huge numbers of people to fill your downline. Anyone remember Amway? The people who joined at the top did okay, but the rest of us ended up with a garage full of useless products and a smaller bank balance.

After a couple of years of losing money hand over fist, I thought I’d try Affiliate Marketing. That’s where you sell someone else’s products and earn a commission. The main problem there is, there are that many marketers out there doing the same, only the big boys or gurus make any money. They know where to advertise to find buyers. I didn’t lose money with Affiliate Marketing, but nor did I make any.

So, moving on, for the last twelve months or so I’ve probably bought every piece of software or marketing video out there in the belief it would help me make that elusive dollar. I’ve purchased mobile website templates, facebook software, network marketing and affiliate software and list building software. You name it, I’ve bought it.

A month or two ago, something came along that, I believe, will change my life forever. Luckily, I was surfing the Warrior Forum one day and came across a coaching program that took my eye. I read the sales page which stressed that you cannot go it alone and make money on the internet. To be a success you need coaching, you need a mentor. But what really set the light bulb off in my head and set it apart from other coaching programs that I’d read about, was the honest and passionate way the sales page was written. After reading comments from people who had paid for the course, I knew that this was the person I wanted as a mentor.