My Internet Marketing Coaching

In my last post I stressed that to try and go it alone with online marketing is courting disaster. Or, at best, prolonging the agony. So, I’m no longer an internet wanderer.

I’m beginning a 6 month Internet Marketing coaching course with Alex Jeffrey’s Coaching Academy.

Why, you may ask, did I choose Alex Jeffreys when the internet is swarming with an overwhelming number of so-called coaches and marketing gurus?

Oh, that reminds me. On reflection, I must be the only Internet Marketing newbie who’s ever signed up with Twitter. Everyone else is an expert

Okay, as I’ve written previously, I read some great reviews and testimonials regarding Alex Jeffreys. And after only 2 weeks into the course, I already know that I made the correct choice.

The coaching course consists of training videos and webinars, with live Q&A sessions with Alex once a week. The sessions involve a small intimate group of people who discuss progress and what tasks are required to move forward.

The course is divided into 6 parts :

Sales Page
Auto Website

The underlying theme is that you develop your own product, be it software, ebook, membership site or whatever. His training on how to choose a niche is an eye-opener.

Don’t ever think you can’t do this, because Alex makes it possible. His easy style of coaching immediately puts you at ease.

Planning is paramount. Work inside the box. Map out a month’s tasks, then break them down into weekly tasks, then daily tasks. Plan tomorrow’s work the day before. This stops you becoming distracted with other stuff like emails or facebook.

It keeps you inside the box, it keeps you focused.

After each webinar I have come away with new enthusiasm. If you’re beginning to slacken off and lose some interest, Alex makes you feel invigorated again.

He instils new ideas, he makes your brain think in the right direction.

Every Q&A session is productive. It’s Internet Marketing training on steroids.

An Internet Wanderer

ey, for those of you who don’t know me, here’s my story. What I’m about to share will resonate with a lot of people out there. It’s about my previous existence on the internet. For about the last three and a half years I called myself an ‘internet wanderer’.  Wandering aimlessly from one Internet Marketing program to another, always thinking that the next one was the biggie, the program that was going to make me a fortune.

My initiation into Internet Marketing began with Cyclers, those programs that had a matrix of from 5 to 25 people, who each paid, say, $10 to join. Every new member pushed the members who joined before them through the matrix. When the matrix was full you got paid an amount depending on how many members were in the matrix, less administrator fees. If you were a good recruiter you could fill your matrix quickly. But inevitably, just as you were on the verge of a big payday, the program would fold through lack of members.

make_money_onlineAfter that I went down the more or less ‘legitimate’ path of Internet Marketing. I joined programs where a company was pushing some new, you beaut health product. You needed to buy a certain amount of product yourself to stay in the program, and recruit huge numbers of people to fill your downline. Anyone remember Amway? The people who joined at the top did okay, but the rest of us ended up with a garage full of useless products and a smaller bank balance.

After a couple of years of losing money hand over fist, I thought I’d try Affiliate Marketing. That’s where you sell someone else’s products and earn a commission. The main problem there is, there are that many marketers out there doing the same, only the big boys or gurus make any money. They know where to advertise to find buyers. I didn’t lose money with Affiliate Marketing, but nor did I make any.

So, moving on, for the last twelve months or so I’ve probably bought every piece of software or marketing video out there in the belief it would help me make that elusive dollar. I’ve purchased mobile website templates, facebook software, network marketing and affiliate software and list building software. You name it, I’ve bought it.

A month or two ago, something came along that, I believe, will change my life forever. Luckily, I was surfing the Warrior Forum one day and came across a coaching program that took my eye. I read the sales page which stressed that you cannot go it alone and make money on the internet. To be a success you need coaching, you need a mentor. But what really set the light bulb off in my head and set it apart from other coaching programs that I’d read about, was the honest and passionate way the sales page was written. After reading comments from people who had paid for the course, I knew that this was the person I wanted as a mentor.

Internet Marketing

There doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of information on the internet that explains the ins and outs of Internet Marketing from a newbie’s perspective. It’s as if the newbie should have an inborn knowledge of what it’s all about.

Many of the reports and ebooks are geared towards the experienced marketer. They explain what you should be doing and what products and software to buy, but they neglect to teach you the basics of how to initially set up an Internet Marketing business.

Newbies rely on the gurus to spill the beans, but the ugly fact is that many gurus won’t show you a single website of theirs because they don’t want you to copy their success and share their revenue.


So, as a newbie, I decided to ask a couple of questions in the forums. These are just a few of the answers –

1) What is the most important information a newbie needs when entering the Internet Marketing industry?

“I think the main thing newbies want is a clear blueprint | steps to follow | ‘recipe’ to achieve their goals (which I think are usually dollar amounts, rather than long term business goals).”

“I think one of the main things newbies want to know is who they can trust.”

“As someone new, the thing I wanted most was good training that could help me. I wanted someone who was going to show me practical advice from start to finish.”

“Newbies need to be taught from the outset that there is no quick and easy method and you won’t earn a fortune overnight.”

2) What is the biggest turnoff for beginners when entering the industry?

“The plethora of (sometimes false) information you have to sift through to find useful and valuable information that you can apply.”

“There are so many opportunities online it can often be difficult to narrow down and focus on one. Especially when a perceived guru recommends something new, often with an affiliate link attached.”

“All of the tools the gurus push are designed for people who are already established in the industry.”

“The biggest turnoff newbies face is making money slowly. Too many products promise 5-6 figures a month just by following a few simple steps.”

It’s plain from the answers that Internet Marketing newbies simply want to be taught the basics first, and be shown the actual steps to achieve success, rather than being bombarded with “helpful” shiny objects from the gurus.

An Internet Marketing Adventure

Hi! I’m excited! This is my first blog post and the beginning of my adventure!! At long last I have my blog online after learning how to register a domain name and host my site on the internet. The purpose of my blog is to chronicle my journey as I progress from a complete marketing newbie to a successful internet marketer.

I have no doubt that I’m going to succeed…. because I’ve signed up with one of the best online coaching programs and mentor. I’ve learnt one thing, and that is, you need a mentor. You can’t handle this stuff alone, you will fail. Believe me I’ve tried.

In my next post I’ll outline the sorry tale of my previous internet existence, and how I came in from the cold. I hope you can find the time to join me on this exciting ride :)