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New SEO Scoring Model

All you know that Page Rank was the system for ranking web pages based on value, Google’s John Mueller announced that they will not update  PageRank in the future. 


Google PageRank is Officially Dead.  Moreover, the world has changed — at least when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), scoring and optimization.

NB-Score is the best alternative to Google page Rank:

Noblare’s™ has redefined the essence of what is crucial when it comes to SEO measurement, and a new scoring model has emerged: NB-Rank. NB-Rank determines the quality of a site based on its links to other sites.


NB Rank works on the same models as Google used to determine the page rank. Therefore, to understand NB-Rank, you need to have understanding about  how the page rank concept used to work for Google. 

NB-Rank is determined on the basis of backlinks. And also, there is a multitude of algorithms that constantly happen to determine NB-Rank, not merely link quantity along with quality.

Noblare’s™ unique ability to understand the correlation between anchor text diversity, content relevance, IP diversity, and back link power.  It must be noted the No Blare algorithm is just one part of their general ranking scheme instead of necessarily the most significant one as many website’s would have you believe. The great thing about NB-Rank is the fact that it can be made better quite easily just like Google page rank.

You also ought to take note that if a web page has a low NB-Rank it mean that receiving a link on such page is not worthwhile.

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In short, if you are building links  to your site, NB-Rank is among the things you ought to keep in mind while researching and networking. If you write a write-up and submit it to a website which has a greater NB-Rank, you’re able to make use of the power of such website to definitely get your site seen.   

Noblare’s™ uses an extremely complicated mathematical formula to decide on the NB-Rank of the page. NB-Rank is among the main factors to fix the quality of the domain.

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